Ultimate series

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The Ultimate series is a complete high performance audio system including a server, dac, pre amplifier and power amplifier with the purest power supply unit based in one shape of chassis. All details like simplified appearance, a separated top cover from the body, a rubber company logo which makes the product not too cold, a switch knob looks apart from the edge of front panel and a white colored OLED display make some differences from others.

About Designer

In modern society, music always exists around us regardless of our will. It is truly hard to imagine if our daily life will be just going around without music. Since we have heard music from our mother’s womb and will keep hearing music to the very last moment of our life, it means our life cannot be separated from music. Music which is always being with us is not just physical vibration in air, nor an object but exists in a sequence of rhythm arranged by melody and harmony. If such musical elements can reach to us by the physical ways, we will definitely feel Soul Of the Music™ and experience the whole of art, otherwise, music will be just an imagination which can’t move our heart and our mind. In the past period of time, music could be delivered only by musician’s physical performance, however, thanks to the drastic and continuous development of the technology, the great musician’s performance can come alive without any distortion and move our soul even who have disappeared into the time. SOtM is a very special brand which can deliver the Soul Of the Music through state of the art audio technology. SOtM will become the most important partner in your music life.