HOME! Sweet Home!

DesignerRegina Kwok
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

Home is about the compatibility of harmony and diversity. Every family member have his own desires & needs. Dad loves inviting friends over, so the guest bathroom size has increased to address his concern. Mum prefers cool colors and simultaneously enjoys a sense of tranquility and naturalness. To meet her needs, a sophisticated techniques is adopted to bring beautiful scenery into the living room. Rays of sunshine flooding the room and soften her cool style with natural warmth along with the use of wooden materials. Home is about Interaction and communication. We re-design the flow and utilization of the apartment, and has deliberately left the central area of the flat unoccupied. It was transformed into an open area, serving a dual function as a space for relaxation, and for work. Different paths converge and cross at one point like an ocean, family members get to mingle with each other.

About Designer

Regina has more than 15 years of experience in interior design, working on a diverse range of projects including large residences, offices, and public spaces. A keen traveller, she is always in search of best boutique hotels and home-furnishing stores around the world. She obtained her Bachelor degree in the Interior Design (honor) from Swinbume of Technology University in Australia and has received a number of interior design awards.