REI Advertising Campaign

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Entry Description

REI, Recreation Equipment Incorporated, is a privately held American retail corporation selling outdoor recreation gear, sporting goods, and clothing. The purpose of this project is to create a cohesive campaign that helps REI celebrate their 80th Anniversary and encourage outdoor recreation. The ad campaign promotes the REI brand while exploring four different outdoor activities: canoeing, hiking, rafting, and skiing. A variety of applications are explored including print ads, brochures, NFC technology, and installations. The installations are located in high traffic areas: two malls, a subway, and an airport. They feature a canoe, tent, ski lift, and rafting boat. Through these elements, the advertising campaign promotes REI's philosophy and communicates to existing and new customers.

About Designer

I am a current student in the Graphic Design program at Woodbury University. I have always enjoyed the arts but found a greater appreciation for the more formal aspects of design since starting my curriculum courses. I have worked as a graphic designer at on-campus jobs, and also as a Phon-A-Thon ambassador and supervisor at the University Advancement department, as well as a Writing Center tutor. Apart from graphic design, I enjoy sketching, painting, and model making/3-dimensional design.