Fifth XiangYa Hospital – A Hospital in a Garden

ClientScott Rawlings
DesignerScott Rawlings
Prize3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Other Architectural Designs
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Entry Description

Across the globe, mega-complex hospitals are increasingly popular, but where is the true healing environment within these medical cities, focused on the individual, human scale, which sacrifices some level of efficiency for the well-being of the occupants? In this 5.5 million SF project, the design team chose to abandon current, efficiency-driven typologies for organizing mega-medical complexes and return to some of the simplest design drivers; connection to nature, individual scale and absolute sustainability. Sacrifice the typical “mega-block” hospital, break the program into two, more manageable and proportional elements – a hospital in a garden. Consider every corner of respite as an intimate space scaled for two people. Embrace the healing power of nature by creating one of the world’s largest naturally-ventilated medical complexes, with only a limited amount of conditioned space. When do mega-hospitals become so efficient that they are unhealthy? When does sacrificing some efficiency foster a productive healing environment?