Apartment in Aqua Blue

DesignerCalvin Chan
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Besides the hustle and bustle city, Aqua Blue is an ideal and tranquil dwelling house to fit in, located at north district of Hong Kong with mountain and the sea. In this 750 sq.ft. house is created a new definition between the dilemma of simplicity and luxury design. The designer indicates the practical usage and the graceful of the house by bringing the long and lean living room with high ceiling as an main feature. the designer enhances the spatial connection by linking up the design of windowsill seats, storage and the working stand together, whereas, it possess the invisible spatial division of dining area and living room. the split level of ceiling enrich the spatial extensively. the design of this house assemble the practicability, aesthetic and concision but not monotonous details to get balance in between, its a new definition of lifestyle for the users.