“HongKong Land 125th” – Anniversary Publication

CompanyC A Design
ClientRosanne Chan
DesignerRosanne Chan
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Founded in 1889, HongKong Land, is one of the oldest land developers. Design brief is challenging due to client’s explicit requirements – simplicity with dynamics, cultural and fascinating, warm and passionate! We were selected amongst the top few design firms. Chinese cultural elements are key visual elements on Chapter’s frontis page– a cultural interpretation. Chapters start with a scene featuring a moment of life which calls for memories - a passionate approach. Typography was kept to British style as a tribute to the British founder’s influence. Highlight is the book cover, a self narrative visual. Hong Kong, Pearl of the Orient is represented by the shell, with a classic old map featuring their properties at the heart of the city. This configuration is a passionate reminder of historic Hong Kong, looking back 125 years with Hongkong Land’s share of the Hong Kong story and contributions.