MX Series High-Fidelity Weatherproof Loudspeakers

DesignerMichael Chijoff
PrizeHonorable Mention
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In the market of commercial and public space audio visual production, the video systems have developed significantly over the last twenty years but the audio has not progressed beyond the early 90’s. Twenty first century venue designers want low visual profile and high fidelity audio that can be integrated into a wide variety of designed environments. The current design state of the commonly available audio products has not kept pace with contemporary market requirements. The MX Series is a system of audio building blocks that allows architects and venue designers to create a seamless full range audio presence, without compromising on aesthetics. The system has the highest IP rating of any commercially available system for this purpose. The MX Series loudspeakers are very low profile and feature Hi-Fi quality audio reproduction and withstand direct all-weather environments, and include a patented installation friendly mounting system that is both elegant and practical.

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