DesignerDiana Sokolic
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

JOY jewelry collection Being an artist by profession, I have always found inspiration in art history. This jewelry collection is inspired both with the ancient pectorals (Egyptian etc.) and with Croatian traditional jewelry. I have created modern jewelry, made out of contemporary materials: Plexiglas (plates) and steel (links). The jewelry is big and bold yet very light. By composing 12 different colors, (including transparent, white and black), I have made innumerous combinations, so that each necklace is a homage to a certain painter because it is made out of dominant colors in his palette. This jewelry can be worn in different occasions. It can be combined both with elegant clothes for formal events and also with simple daily clothes. It is joyful to wear it as well to see it on someone. Its vivid colors affect and improve the mood. In a way it serves as the color – therapy.