Venus V3

DesignerBurak Emre Altinordu
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Venus V3 5,5FHD - 5,0FHD - 5,0HD SERIES The design philosophy of Venus V3 series is “getting Smarter and getting Pure”. Finding perfect harmony between technology and design, retaining both adaptive and minimalist look and feel are the key elements that deliver the visual theme according to design philosophy of Venus. This theme delivers lightness and usability with complimentary design elements, such as fluent silhouette, premium material, and kinetic surfaces. Fluent continuous surfaces are combined to get the attention of the user into one point. It is interpreted on design within rounded corners, touch invitatory surfaces, light and shade games. Premium material use is defined as the natural tone of the metal on side surfaces, prominent glossiness on fronts, which ensures chiaroscuro. Organic kinetic surfaces inspired from nature, origami and pleat, which have high texture quality are interpreted as modern silhouettes.