Urban Farmer Steakhouse Philadelphia

Companydash design
ClientKristin Culllen
DesignerJhipo Hong
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Inspired from the traditions of historical Philadelphia, Urban Farmer is a modern steakhouse in a rural-chic environment. Refined, rustic elements, contribute to the hospitable environment, while reclaimed wood flooring and aged brick walls, alongside autumnal-colored fabrics and leather seating, add warmth. Design highlights include: custom neon signage and a plaid and metal-woven back bar; antique gilded chicken wire chandeliers, “shaker style” hanging peg rack with LED Edison light bulbs in place of candlesticks; and a folding glass wall that opens directly into the working kitchen, leading into to an open concept dining room. The restaurant’s pride in “local first” is communicated by displaying jars of locally sourced produce and a photo montage of suppliers highlighting local sources that create the menu. The design intrigues the senses through a series of imaginative twists and bold design decisions, nodding to the traditional, yet bringing the concept up-to-date for the modern Philadelphia guest.