Wolffepack Orbital Backpack

DesignerDavid Wolffe
Prize2nd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Outdoors, trekking and camping
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Entry Description

The backpack is a long-established mass consumer product, but with little fundamental design innovation in decades. With the load fixed to the back, there are inherent problems in frequently accessing belongings, bumping in small spaces like mass transit, or risk of theft. Wolffepack's designers aimed to solve these problems with a revolutionary new concept in backpack design and a patented technology. Wolffepack, the orbital backpack, is the world's only backpack that swings all your stuff to the front but stays strapped to your back to give better access, more comfort and greater security. Wolffepack contains a patented orbital trapeze technology, the expetoSYSTEM. This frees the load portion of the backpack to be ergonomically moved to the front and back, using a revolutionary cord system. It uses modern and high performance materials like Dyneema® cords (15 times stronger than steel), aramids like Kevlar®, carbon-fibre reinforced metal replacement plastics, and the latest magnetic catches.