Nashville Logo

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This project looked at designing a logo for the city of Nashville, Tennessee. This city is home to the guitar company Gibson, music festivals, and night life, and is called Music City. Nashville is also known for its landscape, location on the Cumberland River, and bridge leading directly into the city. The designed logo applies all these elements through the elongated bars symbolizing a music equalizer and Nashville's cityscape, the negative white space represents the bridge in perspective, and the reflection highlights the city's location on the river. The color palette symbolizes night to day because the city of Nashville never sleeps.

About Designer

I am a current student in the Graphic Design program at Woodbury University. I have always enjoyed the arts but found a greater appreciation for the more formal aspects of design since starting my curriculum courses. I have worked as a graphic designer at on-campus jobs, and also as a Phon-A-Thon ambassador and supervisor at the University Advancement department, as well as a Writing Center tutor. Apart from graphic design, I enjoy sketching, painting, and model making/3-dimensional design.