Media Headquarters Buildings

CompanyREX Architecture
ClientJoshua Prince-Ramus
DesignerJoshua Prince-Ramus
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Two media companies needed conjoined headquarters in two elegant structures that reference traditional Arab architecture. They provided a 380-meter, slender precedent structure for consideration—our starting point. For maximum efficiency, offices are stacked over the small broadcast / news studios, and larger studios that require permanent blackout are below grade. The common facilities occupy the lower body of the towers, exposing the activity inside this maze-like zone. The facades incorporate retractable sunshades that reference mashrabiya patterns. As the sun rotates, the western facades ‘blossom’ while their eastern sunshades retract, all within a minute. With sunshades retracted, the stone-clad towers reveal floor-to-ceiling, clear glass windows. At night, LEDs integrated into the sunshades’ caps transform the facades into media walls. Sited according to the Summer Solstice’s sun path, the towers cast large shadows on the courtyards below, which are covered by retractable umbrellas the rest of the year.