Heart Plate

DesignerNikola Vucicevic
Prize2nd Place in Design For Society / Design for Public Awareness
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Entry Description

The Era of New Eating Habits Starts With The Heart Plate. Every 3rd person in US can be considered as obese. Heart Plate is the smartest way to loose weight without prescriptions. It has 3 categories. BASIC, SMART PLATE, BIO-PLATE. Heart Plate BASIC is a dish made of safe polyethylene designed to help you cut down the amount of food that you load onto your plate. SMART PLATE is a contains BMI pads, temperature sensors, sound sensors and measuring scale, that is connected via Bluetooth with app on your phone or your clinic. Bio Plate is made of eco friendly materials, so after its usage it merges with the environment. Heart Plate comes in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and sets. It can be branded on the top and sell as a promotional material or unique smart dish. Eat Smart, Save Your Heart.

About Designer

Nikola is an Award-Winning Designer. He had been in the industry for over 15 years and is known as the "Design Legend" for his Top-Ranking work with International Clients from more than 27 countries. Nikola specializes in Brand Development, Digital Branding, Product Packaging and Specialty Advertising. Nikola is one of the Top 24 Designers in USA and number 2 in the world for advertising according to World Design Rankings. His focus and determination to bring big brand awareness and next level creativity to multi-million dollar businesses has led him to several successful collaborations.