500 Capp Street

ClientYves Behar
DesignerYves Behar
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Internationally recognized artist David Ireland turned every element of his San Francisco home into a living piece of art. The 500 Capp Street Foundation is preserving the city’s first historic artist’s house, presenting programs, events, tours, and an artist-in- residency program. We worked with the 500 Capp Street Foundation to develop a brand identity that represented the integrity and vision of the artist himself, and creates a scalable identity for a new cultural epicenter in the community. We utilized one of his iconic projects, ‘Dumbballs,’ in the logo itself, making the 0’s of 500 a visual interpretation of the art. Turning the logo vertical also added a playful element. The color palette is pulled from the house itself; the gold logo is the same color of the lacquered walls inside the home. Each brand touchpoint reflects this sense of play and wonderment, with 500 at the core of the brand’s messaging.