ClientYves Behar
DesignerYves Behar
PrizeHonorable Mention
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KadAfrica’s mission is to empower women in East Africa by providing full-circle support for each entrepreneur to grow and sell their own passion fruit. The brief was to develop their existing equity into an ownable brand, including uniforms to help provide credibility for the employees. The core of the brand is a seed - KadAfrica provides seeds for women to grow their own passion fruit. We made an ownable pattern out of the seed which exists on all brand collateral. The brand’s bright colors were expounded upon and wordmark simplified to make the logo visible from a distance. All women were naturally wearing headbands in the fields, so we made this the basis of the uniform; some women said that their community had disbelief in their work since there was not a formal uniform, and this new headscarf empowered them and provided credibility in their business.