Black DNA

Designerwei yi international design associates
PrizeHonorable Mention
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The 10th floor is public area and the 11th floor is private space; 2 completely different areas are connected with origami. Taking advantage of different texture and single color tone has tuned this place into something very interesting and unexpected. It's like DNA, even for the same elements, with different permutation and combination, it'll turn out differently.

About Designer

The meaning of design shall be to pursue the exploration in cultural living, not in the surface. Different national conditions, regions, religions and cultures develop living styles and create different designs. Adjust measures to local conditions and arrange plot by people of make designs better conform to demands of people. Nowadays, the speed of social progress cannot be mentioned in the same breath. Taste comfort is pursued more and more in daily life. Low degree design is not to make design or make little design. Low degree design embodies a kind of living spirit. It plays a role of design in the most non-interferential design, to make people in a house able to feel the comfort of space, a kind of healing and sense of safety.