DesignerDenis Orlenok
Prize2nd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games
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Entry Description

"Toybic" is the next generation of personalized remote-controlled toy car that can be custom-designed via online application and 3D-printed at home or any other 3D printing location. The platform provides user an opportunity to enjoy the interactivity of virtual games in a real world. Real-life RC cars encourage users' creativity to build new designs, learn 3D modeling and printing, communicate and share with others, promote sustainability (old or broken parts can be simply re-printed). The main idea is to provide kids an alternative to mass-produced identical toys and inspire them to be different, to create new forms and be unique, to bring together parents with kids and to let them share knowledge and communicate, to replace 'bought, gave away and forgot' with 'let's create, make and play together'.

About Designer

Design for Denis Orlenok is not a just a profession – it is a way of living. It is a way of seeing and understanding things. The life of constant creation process and problem-solving. The way between ugliness and beauty, pain and comfort, problem and solution, idea and final product. For someone he is an artist, for someone he is an engineer, but he combines these two things in one – design. Passionate dreamer inspired by environment – people, architecture, sounds, products, music and art. Young designer that gets motivated of poor objects to solve problems and change life in the better comfortable and pleasant way as well as inspired by good products to create aesthetic and meaningful things. The main aim of everyday is to set unfeasible goals and implement them to reality. EDUCATION: 2017, Design Management, MA, Vilnius Academy of Arts, VILNIUS/LITHUANIA. 2012, Design, BA, Vilnius Academy of Arts, VILNIUS/LITHUANIA. 2011, Product Design, BA, L'ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, FRANCE.