MONAI - human centric lightening

DesignerNeringa Orlenok
Prize2nd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
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Entry Description

MONAI is a unique lighting platform where human-centric lighting technology and nature inspired design merge together. MONAI can be used as a healthy illumination source, as a light table for relaxation, as a play platform for children, or simply as a marvelous piece of interior. The shape of MONAI light platform was inspired by the objects found in nature, like the sun or moon. MONAI adjusts to the daytime automatically and lights up your space by intensive blue light in the morning or relaxing warm color at night. It keeps you awake in the first part of a day and helps you to get asleep.Human-centric lighting technology of MONAI mimics natural daylight.

About Designer

EDUCATION: 2016, Product design, MA, Vilnius Academy of Arts, VILNIUS/LITHUANIA. 2013, Design, BA, Vilnius Academy of Arts, VILNIUS/LITHUANIA. EXPERIENCE: 2013-2016, Innospark, Vilnius, Lithuania