Time Hotels Brand Visual Identity

DesignerVenessa Rosely
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In 2015, ten months until the reopening of The Time Hotel in New York, Dream Hotel Group’s creative team began rebranding Time Hotels by developing an entirely new identity system for deployment in the print, environmental, and digital space. Each location of The Time has a distinct personality, so while the spatial design varies by location, the resulting impression had to convey a tailored and considered experience. Elegant restraint and maximum scalability were key goals established early on. The challenge was to reposition the existing brand name to a more elevated position in the market. With a multi-million dollar renovation in tow, the idea was to convey luxury, with a modern sensibility which meant exercising restraint allowing the sense of room to breathe and experience a sense of now. With this challenge in mind; our team developed a system that seamlessly integrates with any location without sacrificing brand integrity.