Dream Hotels Brand Visual Identity

DesignerVenessa Rosely
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In 2015, shortly before completing a multi-million dollar renovation of our Midtown property, the Dream Hotel Group creative team began a deep dive into rethinking the Dream Hotels brand ethos and visual identity. As a lifestyle company, we pride ourselves on offering a unique experience at each of our properties. It was important to us that each one retain its identity while remaining tethered to the Dream brand as a whole. The new identity system had to visually express the brand tenets while acting as a unifier for our successful New York properties and future Dream developments within our portfolio. Knowing that our guest is more evolved than the typical big-box hotel user, the goal was to be radically informal in our approach, polite, but forward thinking. We chose an approach that is expressive, dynamic, scalable, and fun. Dream Hotels is a lifestyle, remixed.