Treasures of the Titanic

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Combining the decorative potential of objets trouvés with the “romance” of a bygone era, “Treasures of the Titanic” abstracts the language of nature, and 3D Graphic Design to tell a story that marries “real” and “imagined” worlds. Far beneath the ocean waves, nestling silently, treasures lost to the sea have settled and now co-exist, even merge with nature. A dressmaker’s accoutrements are re—born and serve their new mistress well— beautifully broken artefacts, once (more) useful are now artificial reefs. And courtesy of our heroine’s valise, corralled into one corner, is a new micro community, replete with canopy of exquisite lace, now colonized by shimmering lobsters and coral. A celebration of “re—use”, through bespoke re—invention, this 3D graphic display celebrates a slice of human history and offers up inspiration to makers and creative professionals.