DesignerAnson Cheng
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

M-House is a fun holiday home that has been consciously designed to be ecofriendly. Responding to their client’s brief to save on energy the building shows how mezzanine spaces and primary colors – in this case – white, can be used to draw sunlight in through its skylights and windows, meaning every last drop of daylight is captured to stave off switching on. Designed with a few to the winter as well as summer months the team has added touches of bright, lively colors and other little artistic embellishments such as LED lamps here and there to add a strong sense of personality and warmth that ensures this space is anything but bland.

About Designer

Anson cheng, the Founder and Creative Director of the Anson Cheng Interior Design Ltd., has been involved in the field of interior design and engineering management for over 15 years and has worked on over 200 interior design projects. Anson adopts styles that are contemporary and make the utmost effort to ensure that the created space and environment closely fit the unique lifestyles of its clients. Anson Cheng Interior Design Ltd. (AC Design) is an award winning, multi-disciplined interior Design and Consultancy firm headed by Anson Cheng. AC Design offers a comprehensive range of high quality services from design to construction, project management and post construction maintenance for residential, commercial and retail projects. AC Design will create for you innovative, contemporary and quality design solutions.