Exhibition Stall For GDL2016

DesignerPrashant Chauhan
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The design process initiated with basic ideas of communicating the ideology of GDL with an Audio Visual Presentation amongst the display of winning designers to educate the visitors of the evolution process of each prototype. All the displays are placed on the periphery of the booth with the central zone showcasing the AV in two directions. The highlight of the booth is a collage of suspended and popping iPad screens making a dynamic chandler with images scrolling of the designs, sketches and the evolution pictures of each prototype. Each evolution process was further well documented into an AV which was played on a Kiosk next to each display which even held a A4 collateral as take away literature. The ceiling grid with a basic broken geometry binds the booth further to complete the frame. The lighting being very dynamic plays the main protagonist for the entire booth, highlighting the various aspects of the prototypes.