Namale Creations

CompanyPhoenix The Creative Studio
ClientLouis Paquet
DesignerFouad Mallouk
Prize2nd Place in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
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Entry Description

Namale, n. 1. From the Fijian language, meaning “Unique Jewel”. 2. Second largest island in the Fiji archipelago, Vitu Levu. Since her early age, Feda has had a passion for the creation of jewelry. As a child she liked to watch the family jeweler do its work in the city of Aleppo in Syria. When she arrived in Canada, she brought with her a passion that has never left her since. A couple of years ago, she decided to create her own jewelry brand, Namale Creations, making a childhood dream come true. Namale is a word that comes fromthe Fijian language and means "Unique Jewel", it perfectly represents her products which are all handmade and crafted with the finest materials available. But what did we do exactly? Identity / Web design / Web development / Stationary / Posters / Strategy / Photography

About Designer

Phoenix is a Montreal digital and branding studio with the visual and interactive solutions to step up your game. Wanna play? Let’s face it: the digital age has introduced a bunch of new players on the block. Hey, you might be literally going up against a computer. That’s where Phoenix comes in–our team has winning visual and interactive combos at our fingertips to take brands and businesses to the next level, and we have fun doing it.

Awards and Prize

AWARDS, DISTINCTIONS AND PUBLICATIONS In the last few years, the creative crew at Phoenix has visited the doctor repeatedly but received no satisfactory diagnosis for the pink rashes that kept appearing on our faces. Turns out, we were blushing almost constantly from the ongoing stream of national and international recognition that’s been coming our way. Mentions and awards include Best Small Agency of 2015, 9 Sites of the Day on Awwwards, 8 Sites of the day on CSS Design Awards, 3 Sites of the Month, 3 FWAs, plus a lot more. The better we work for our clients, the better we work for ourselves. Here is a complete list: AWWWARDS - 13 2017 • Nominated for Agency of the Year - London • Site of the Day – EmberHouse • Site of the Day – Daoust Lestage • Site of the Day – HTA Architect • Developer Award - InSymbiosis • Site of the Day – InSymbiosis 2016 • Nominated for Agency of the Year - Amsterdam • Site of the Day – Speakeasy Burlesque 2015 • Nominated for Agency of the Year - Barcelona • Nominated for Website of the Year - Barcelona – Jova Construction • Nominated for People’s choice award - Barcelona – Jova Construction • Site of the Day - Lawrence Boone Selections • Site of the Day - Namale Creations • Site of the Day – L’avenir, Dental Clinic 2014 • Site of the Day - Jova Construction • Site of the Day - Fight 4 Pride • Site of the Day - Agency Survival Kits • Site of the Day – SRG CSS DESIGN AWARDS - 19 2017 • Nominated for Small Agency of the Year • Website of the Day – EmberHouse • Website of the Day – Daoust Lestage • Website of the Day – HTA Architect • Website of the Day – InSymbiosis 2016 • Best small studio in the world Award • Best Agency in Canada Award, all categories • Website of the Year - Product / Presentation – Créations Namale • Special Kudos – Speakeasy Burlesque • Special Kudos – Stratus BK • Website of the Day – Bistro Vallier 2015 • Website of the Year - Sports – Fight 4 Pride • Special Kudos - Merry Kitschmas • Website o