Pop-Up Store Instant soup

DesignerUVM & Israel Lara
Prize2nd Place in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
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Entry Description

It is a modular proposal generated from a block divided by half, then transform it into a more striking and functional; referring to a soup dish because the project theme. cube blocks slide similar to the Japanese doors to open or close shop. These blocks are joined by a dock flying over a blue carpet representing a Japanese lake. The light was handled by translucent panels at the ends of the store, besides a set of lights in the consumer area through slots at different heights. the material used is wood, which give continuity between floor and ceiling similar to the Japanese dojo wall. A dynamic module which measures 3 by 3 meters being closed and 3 by 5 meters being open. which it is divided in half, access was generated through a retractable dock, which connects the product area with the consumer area.

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