Hawaiian Restaurant "LOCO"

Prize1st Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

The design is inspired in the unique geography of Hawaii, a series of island, water, volcano, jungle, and different eco-zones. To evoke the series of the islands, the whole space is designed open and airy. Both the dining and bar areas is split into several floating parts surrounded by the printed flooring that represent water for the circulation. The green wall and layered wood ceiling are applied to highlight not only forest feeling, but also the three different eco zones of Hawaii by the different scale and density of them from outside to the central space. Furthermore, the sculptural green wall represents the sharply carved slopes of the valley, which was born from the history of volcano, and the whole fluidity inside-out spaces, and the warm color schemes bring the joyful welcome atmosphere.

About Designer

Chinami Ojiri is an space designer based in New York City.  Born in Japan, Chinami grew up exposed to the quiet harmony of Japanese culture and aesthetics, then moved to New York in 2011. After graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology in Interior design major, Chinami has experienced to work at several firms in Interior design and art fields, and also work as a freelance designer. In addition, her degree in business administration in Japan gave her strength for analyzing problems, and accomplishing projects. Delivering massive value to people through experience in space is her passion for design. By intermingled with her background, experience, and cultural sensibility, she will deliver a design solution which will color everyday life!