Vadi Authentic Iranian Restaurant (by Accor)

DesignerTarh Va Afarinesh Omran Architectural
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

This restaurant with area of 280m2 and capacity of 103 seats is located in Novotel Hotel (IKIA). Design of this restaurant draws on a combination of turquoise blue silk and black painted glass, which reflects the patterns like a mirror and exposes the viewer to a new image from each direction. Motives derived from Iranian carpets ascend from the floor to the ceiling to signify the designer’s wish for promoting art and culture of his homeland. The Iranian motives are printed on glass by the latest printing technology to form a glass partition separating the private part from the public areas. And finally the sharp colors of the furniture present a modern appearance of Iranian art to the viewers; as if the designer intends to bring those motives from the ancient myths, refine them and introduce them to reality of the modern life.

About Designer

I was born in 1972 in Tehran. After finishing high school in 1990 I started my architectural studies in University of Art (Isfahan), which is the most credible faculty of architecture in Iran. At the same time with my studies I started to work with architectural firms as junior architect, draftswoman, and estimator through which I achieved valuable experiences. In 1998, I co-founded Tarh Va Afarinesh Co. with my partner Mr. Mohammad Nemati, where from the beginning we focused on establishment of a EPC group with full range of technical and engineering services, capable of meeting “client satisfaction” which was manifest of the newly established company, and has been demonstrated well by the fact that most of our clients have had more than one project with us. Name of the company can be translated to “Design & Creation”, which resembles my approach to the architecture taking the design beyond the academic techniques and believing in it as a mélange of creation, love, and inspiration. Since then, passing through nearly two decades of professional activities we see many of our dreams realized in more than 20 hospitality, commercial, and healthcare projects designed and built by T&A, including iconic projects such as Kandovan Cave Hotel (Tabriz-Iran), Safaieh 4 Star Hotel (Yazd-Iran), and restoration of Kowsar Hotel (Isfahan-Iran). IKIA 3 & 4 Star Hotel, adjacent to Tehran’s International Airport, was our latest project, which has achieved great success in the international level being recognized as shortlisted finalist of MENA Design Awards 2014 and 2015, and nominated to represent Iran’s contemporary architecture in Venice Biennial 2015. At the time being, we are leading T&A as a holding inclusive of design & engineering, construction, procurement, and trading sectors; engaged by and capable of handing multimillion dollar projects.