Designer CHIUNG-HO, SU
PrizeHonorable Mention
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The owner has an exceptional taste for home because of his passion for arts. The house was previously the office of the wife who has worked in the advertising industry and is renovated to accommodate the dwelling need for the couple, after the retirement from workplace. We design this elevated space with pure and organic atmosphere by using practical and simple meridians to call for people’s most primitive demand for space. The clean concrete and brilliantly colored paintings contradict completely and yet with a contrasting fun. The ceiling with pipelines aligned neatly without excessive concealing, naturally blends into the simple space. The wood furniture offers handmade touch and temperature to the ideal house, where the glass bricks offering space without transparency separates the area without blocking sunlight. We intend to break the traditional concept by constructing a more liberal residential space with flexibility for change. Dwellers can perceive the liberty of life through the primitive atmosphere filled with sunlight, air, plainness, and arts.

About Designer

HAD INTERIOR DESIGN CO., LTD stresses the conveyance of a concept that is based on people. The company restores spatial art to the primitive needs of humanity and meticulous careful movement planning, function analysis, color selection, and soft decoration collaboration to tailor exclusive home style through the understanding of client’s preference, taste and habits. We believe that the relation between space and people is a sense of belonging for the soul and company. The naming of our company also initially expresses the fusion and integration of the two, producing environment from the mind and observing the mind from the environment. We hope to provide good space for people to reflect their look with safety and honesty, and we even hope such design concept to attract more care from people towards the environment and personal living space. After all, the foundation of true meaning of living art is still constructed under the conformance with personal lifestyle and needs. Under the circumstance, the integration with professional quality from designers can truly improve personal life and tastes in home.