Breeze artistic plinth

DesignerFabrizio Constanza
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Breeze is a design solution applied to Fine Arts. The project’s objective was to enhance the exhibition Sculpture untitled “Suspension”. The result is an artistic plinth (or base) that exalts the Sculpture by providing a beautiful display platform. The uniqueness of plinth design is creating an object that improves the appreciation of the work of Art without interfering with the sculpture. From the Chinese, Greeks and Romans, to the well-known fourth plinth at Trafalgar in London, plinths have always been part of the word of sculpture. Plinth elevates sculptures from art to a monument, similar to the column of Nelson. Rodin understood the intricate relationship between plinth and sculpture, and “He pursued his investigations even further, seeking to combine the sculpture and its base in a single composition, the base thus becoming an integral part of the work.

About Designer

About Fabrizio Constanza Design The company is a design studio dedicated to the design and production of Art+Design objects. The company produces in-house products as well as commissioned works. Our products are based on the approach of re-thinking and re-questioning standards of manufacturing and design, towards conservation of the environment. The company was founded in 2012 as a response to market, environmental and principals motives. The company's’ clients are people searching for unique collectable items for their homes, that in time they can share with future generations. The focus of the work produce is the exploration and investigation to create a new approach to business that can have a positive effect on People and the environment. Products are design for a long life instead of today’s approach of disposable products. By creating long lasting objects the human footprint is reduce the waist of materials and energy.