Watch Dogs

DesignerSangli Li
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Watch Dog is an adorable personal security, privacy and care system. Each puppy comes with an unique sensor to guard a specific aspects or items in your life. Once triggered, puppies will send an alarm message right away to your phone, and also bark on the spot. Doing some work in a coffee shop with laptop but need to go to bathroom? Leaving your stuff behind make you anxious. Brining all your stuff? By the time you come back your spot might long gone already. With the popularity of sharing culture, how can you protect your privacy and belongings? How can you effectively define you temporary “territory” or “space” without being rude or offensive? This project does not tend to invent a highly advanced security system. Rather, it primarily focuses on exploring the nuance interactions between people in real life. WatchDog approach regular utilitarian based security system with a humanity twist.