St. Ann's Warehouse

DesignerJonathan J. Marvel, FAIA
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

On a prominent DUMBO corner along the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront the avant-garde St. Ann’s Warehouse, built its new home in the historic 1860 Tobacco Warehouse. Situated on the edge Brooklyn Bridge Park the theater has breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge and adds a cultural destination to the Park’s outdoor amenities. The design within this ruin-like brick building, celebrates unexpected materials of glass bricks, black steel, and plywood. A discrete steel volume is inserted snugly into the walls, allowing the historic arched doors and windows to remain functional and open to the Park. Glass bricks extend the structure above its existing height recalling the brick of a taller structure that originally occupied the site. It is clearly readable as a new intervention and allows natural light to flood the interior spaces.