5 STYLE Digital platform

Company5 STYLE
ClientAlberto Negro
Designer5 STYLE
Prize2nd Place in Multimedia / Website Design
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Entry Description

5 STYLE is currently the only digital platform that focuses exclusively on minimal luxury, not generic luxury. We specifically target premium minimalist products providing 5 STYLE with its own niche. By visiting our website readers can discover articles about emerging designers and new trends in the design and fashion industries. We feature a variety of inspiring contributors, architects, designers and artists who personify the meaning of 5 STYLE. Designing the website was the hardest challenge in creating this digital platform. Customer experience development will continue to build on the creation of good quality and relevant online content to encourage engagement with a greater number of customers and achieve higher conversion of online views to purchase. 5 STYLE intends to heighten customer experience of their services and products by paying meticulous attention to detail, just like the extraordinary products featured on the magazine.

About Designer

5 STYLE founder Alberto Negro started his creative journey at a very early age which paved the way for his romance with luxury and minimalism. He spent the last summer in New York working in fashion and design PR with Denise Williamson, one of the most talented women in the city. In addition, he also collaborates with Esteban Saba, CEO of Håndværk, to plan social media strategies for Saba’s minimal clothing brand. Negro’s passion for this lifestyle makes him the quintessential ambassador for 5 STYLE.