DesignerGustavo Piqueira
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

‘Bibliomania’ is a book about books, with short stories, essays and passages of two authors. Exploring its metalinguistic aspects, the graphic project begins by splitting the texts of each author in its own volume, one red and one blue, with covers coated by adhesive labels that reveal a set of letters taking on each book’s designated colour. The apparently unconnected combination of letters, in reality, are dialoging. They were created manually from two letterpress matrixes — 500 of the adhesive labels were printed with one matrix in blue, and 500 with the other matrix in red, and applied to their respective volumes. When both matrixes are printed over one sole adhesive label, the letters of each book complete each other, spelling out the work’s name on the artwork of the glove that embraces them.

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