Design Director

ClientChung-Han Tang
DesignerChung-han, Tang
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Space is unveiled in 2-D freely A clear axis cuts through the primary space It determines the entire tune of the allocation for sofa at living room It is the fa├žade of gaiety Facing the primary mural space of TV on one side And the long bar on the other side Taking sofa of living-room as the space focus Linking up all of the open space There are two main themes within the space Mirror-white iron and indigenous stone-peel Ceiling of steel material and wooden floor Material, color tinge, proportion, contour They roam around as the four confront one another Experiencing the sense of quality and color And also the changes of design We make much effort in between Attempting to balance design, and so as life

About Designer

Our design comes from the enthusiasm toward life Vital, simple, Asian In our series project, It strongly reveals the color of the area, merging them into the concept of interior architecture. Emotions expressed through the material. Time recorded by the shades. Born in Asia, initiated from the East. Tell the story of space with the most profound humanities.