DesignerMarianna Tzachsan
Prize1st Place in Accessory / Eyewear
Entry Description

Helios is an eye-wear collection which combines six different glasses-shapes in one frame by using magnet, in order to provide the user with the opportunity to own more than one pair of glasses in one frame minimizing the cost. The product is divided in two main parts: (a) the main and (b) the spectacles frame. In each part there is a magnet that attracts the other magnet, so the user can easily change shapes of spectacles frames. Therefore, Helios is an innovative project that provides a new way of interaction with the eye-wear.

About Designer

Marianna Tzachsan is a multidisciplinary designer from Greece. She had a BA/MA in Design Engineering at the Aegean University. As a designer, Marianna believes in holistic approach and her aim in every project is the creation of new experiences as well as the balance between functionality and aesthetics. During her studies, she gained valuable experience in various domains, such as product design, graphic design, branding and interaction design. Marianna loves traveling as she seeks new experiences.