The Hilhaven Lodge

CompanyforceMAJEURE Design
ClientAlex Boulware
DesignerJB Hartford
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Hilhaven Lodge blended American whiskey was brought to life with collaboration between Diageo, Brett Ratner and forceMAJEURE. It is a spirit with a unique story embodying Hollywood’s heyday, the glamour of the silver screen, and the iconic characters that reflect an era of fun and a sense of anything’s possible. Our challenge was to create a living representation of this legendary piece of history by delivering a connection to the past through a new bottle and label that echoes with stories of The Lodge’s history. The negative space that creates the H between the labels is a reference to the famous photo booth where guests recorded their visits. The H icon is prominent not only on the bottle and in a metallic inlay in the wooden stopper, but is also leveraged across the branded materials that complement and complete the brand experience.