The Cathedral

DesignerRBB Architects Inc
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The building form is inspired by the Bishop headpiece, the Mitre. The structure is clad in a double-wall; the exterior skin is made of parametrically modeled perforated stainless steel; the pattern is inspired by the lace cloth worn by the women to cover their head or mantilla. The inner wall is multi-colored glass, resulting in an ever evolving interior environment as the sun moves. The double-wall is supported by seven steel arches, symbolic of the Seven Sacraments of the Church. Through metaphor and symbolism, the design seeks to create an extraordinary and iconic structure. It will also serve as an architectural destination. The enclosed renderings represent the different experiences: • The early morning • The mid-day as the sun rises • The sunset The last picture represents the exterior building form.

About Designer

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