Dimensional Knit

DesignerMartha Calderon
Prize2nd Place in Avant-garde / Women_AG
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Entry Description

This cashmere coat is part of a knitwear collection I designed as my final school project. The garment is a one of a kind design, a fully fashioned knit piece, knitted on a single bed knitting machine and hand dye with acid dye. The eccentric yet elegant design, forms shapes like origami around the body. The sculptural look was achieved to give a different look from every angle. I was inspired by the architectural work of Frank Gehry. This Futuristic winter Coat is very asymmetrical and sculptural like some of the details in his buildings.

About Designer

I received my Bachelors at the University of Florida, with a concentration on Printmaking. This program gave me the opportunity to study abroad at The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, where I had my first exposure in the world of textiles. After this intense and positive experience, I decided to make my art more functional and learn more about textiles. I was very privileged to be part of the knitwear program and later to the advanced program at FIDM. I have learned so many new skills and discovered others I did not know I had. I am very grateful for the career path as a knitwear designer life has given me. The experience of being part of a new culture different than mine has influenced several aspects of my development as a person as well as a professional artist. Being a Colombian living in an international soil has inspired me to embrace my culture more intentionally and passionately. I want to see my work always evolving, while preserving my views, purpose and beliefs. I value textile design because every piece has a unique value. The use of natural has a unique value. fibers, artisanal and millenary techniques guarantee an exclusive design, an unrepeatable, and sometimes unimaginable.