Karat 34 Sales Office

DesignerSeda Dundar
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Diamond was the main figure for our client to found their project and its logo upon. Diamond’s sharp lines were the foundation for sales office’s interior design as well. Design of interior walls, lighting and mock-up table reflect those lines. Sharp lined figures starting from the kiosk’s wall in the entrance, spread throughout the whole interior and end at mock-up’s lighting on the ceiling. Mirrors and hidden lighting are used to provide different view angles and lighting effects. All figures and lines on walls and ceiling lead to the project’s mock-up located right in the center. Light colored walls around mock-up is covered with triangle shaped white and transparent plexi glasses which represent diamond’s crystallized effect. On the exterior, sharp formed colons are used. A different angle is given to each colon to have a rhythm on the facade. Also these colons form two different angles from center to sides.

About Designer

Arkiteam Architecture Office which founded by Seda Dundar and Nejmi Cicekci, established in 2014 to focus providing innovative solutions, with its experienced and dynamic team. We offer architectural planning and interior design solutions for national and international projects. Arkiteam's team members gathered together to raise values, enriching people's life, combining science with art and providing the best design ideas to people and the sector. Arkiteam combines power of traditional design with innovative mind and brings aesthetic and functional solutions to our life. Our team members believe that besides architecture is related to structure, it also has close relations with feelings. In this manner, Arkiteam approaches to designs with integration of people feelings sense. Our most important mission is to design to raise the values of life.