Street Fighter Lounge Chair

DesignerMatteo Agnoletto
Prize3rd Place in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

Street Fighter Lounge Chair comes from a design concept of transforming the function of an object into another. The frame of the motorbike and its tank are transformed into a Lounge Chair. By keeping the soul of the object, Street Fighter Lounge Chair brings the amazing features of the motorbike world into the living room of its enthusiasts. The Lounge chair than becomes a symbol of fellowship to a brand, an object of pride of a way of living, often found in the motorbike world. With the simplest transformations the soul of the objects are kept and the design of the motorbike world is brought into the living room. The Lounge Chair is than an object with its own character, an object with a transformed function but with the original soul of the motorbike, becoming the chair for bikers after a long ride or a long day at work.