Hotel StandArt

DesignerVarvara Filatova, Stas Tratsevskiy, Peter Bragovskiy, Vladimir Davydov
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Hotel Standard is located in the center of Moscow. Upon entering the hotel, guests enter the reception room fancifully decorated with floral patterns, executed in marble mosaic. Guests get to the floor on the elevators with a stylish graphic drawings on metal doors. After landing of the elevator, they find themselves in an infinite space gray corridor where no one can see no windows or doors, and the ends are arranged mirror. Upon entering the hotel room, guests reach the finish point of his journey, and find themselves in a very different world and dimension. Their encounters bed-capsule glowing unusual cosmic light. On the walls of phantasmagoric sgraffito and each room its exclusive pictorial panels, reflecting the philosophy of the hotel. The design team who created the project, inspired by the novel by Stanislaw Lem and Tarkovsky's film "Solaris". The decoration of rooms is dominated by modern environmentally friendly materials: wood and plaster on the basis of marble chips. StandArt is the first hotel in Russia enrolled in the organization A MEMBER OF DESIGN HOTELS.