Le Parker – Sous Chef Extraordinaire

CompanyHugo & Marie
ClientMario Hugo
DesignerGame Design, Creative Direction: Mario Hugo Game Design, Development: Fady Sadeq Executive Production: Jennifer Gonzalez Game Design: Johnny Lee Sound Design: Michael Good With Special Thanks to: Jessica Sadeq, The Hugo & Marie team, Sam Hodges, Yushin Kato, Echo Login, and NeoGaf
Prize1st Place in Multimedia / Interactive Media
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Entry Description

DESCRIPTION A tough-as-nails platformer with TRULY tight touch controls Featuring thirty two stages in the spirit of the classics we loved as kids. WHY? We set out to do platforming 'right'. We wanted Le Parker to feel absolutely responsive, to have sharp stage design that challenged gamers, and for our audience to feel gratified by progressing and developing honest skill. The game features an odd universe, a fun cast of characters, a culinary charm, and for us it's been an amazing, multi-year opportunity among a designer, a developer, and an animator to write a love letter to great platforming.