Light - Axis

DesignerCreate + Think Design Studio Design Director : Arthur Ho, Project Manager : Grace Hou, Designer : Anita Tsai, Site Supervisor : Tseng Szu Wei
Entry Description

Light 1st floor of the building is encased with the minimum amount of wall structure. The open design allows the inflow of light and air; the transparent space is wrapped by the greenery of the outside lawn. U-shape metal sheet frames the entrance with the track light above and the inlaid floor track light below visually overlapping to form a cross. Through the direction of the inlaid track light, the cross of light carved out of the hard stone wall salutes to the cross on the tower. Axis Within the rectangular building, the beam columns define the two axis perpendicular to each other. The short one connects the lawn in the front and back of the building. The long one connects the two opposite spaces on left and right. By adding a 15 degree angle to the stone wall, it points to the tower with the cross and subtly reinforces the spiritual direction of the school.