Pivoting room dividers

CompanyAnyway Doors
ClientRudi Dries
DesignerAnyway Doors Stealth Pivot
Prize2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Windows, Doors
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Entry Description

The virtually invisible Stealth Pivot hinge is designed to be used in any imaginable door. The compact hinge features a high-tech closing mechanism with a 90° hold function which works in both swing directions, allowing doors to revolve up to 360° like a carrousel. Stealth Pivot is mounted on top of the finished floor surface. The minimum floor anchoring (2 bolts 4 cm deep) allows for easy installation on any floor, even equipped with floor heating systems. Stealth pivot is designed to create both offset and central axis pivot doors. ANYWAY presents this unique hinge in a new lightweight “steel look” frame, made from black anodized aluminum. The frame can be equipped with various 6 or 8mm thick materials such as tempered glass, ceramics, Corian, plexiglass,...

About Designer

PORTAPIVOT offers a wide range of made-to-measure door hardware products, specifically designed for local craftsmen. Our self-assembly kits include hardware for pivot doors, glass doors, XL room dividers and sliding doors. Portapivot custom-builds its aluminium profiles to the coordinated measurements and ships them with the appropriate hardware, such as pivot hinges, sliding door rails and all the necessary assembly & installation accessories. We don't include finishing materials such as glass, wood, Trespa,... for easy shipping purposes which can easily be sourced at a local supplier.