DesignerRoberto Maurizio Paura
Prize3rd Place in Design For Society / Design for Society
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Entry Description

Sense is the sensor designed with a friendly and linear shape in order to be easily integrated into the urban architecture. Thanks to its extended artificial intelligence algorithms, it can promptly detect a wide set of dangerous events such as fire & smoke, left objects, also detecting the face and indentificating the vehicle's plate. Beside by monitoring crowded areas it can assure the highest level of protection against suspicious and dangerous events in public places. Sense is installed upon streetlights and in highly trafficated locations, such as shopping centers, habours, airports and train stations. The rear connector installation makes it possible to easily align the optic to the ground. Maintenance of optical parts, infrared emitter and the replacement of the SIM can be done without removing the sensor from its position.

About Designer

In 2014, Roberto achieved the degree with honors at his specialization course. In the same period he strengthens his collaboration with Smart-I, becoming System Designer and Art Director for the company. His tasks at the Smart-I consist in improving the design of the camera and the optimization of its internal components. He is also responsible for the creation and the implementation of the interface system, and the corporate communication. Today he is the CPO of the company. In 2015, Roberto became professor in 3D Modeling at ISIA ROMA. In 2017, Roberto became the founder of Priyatech.