The Tsang

DesignerTaDe Design Group Ltd. Kenji Wong
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Residential
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Entry Description

Evolving from the main theme simplicity and the importance of enhancing interaction between different zones, designer focus on flexibility when restructuring the flat. To achieve this end, functional partition is used for increasing the diversity of the space. On one hand, open-kitchen could be separated from the dining area by sliding partitions, though it might not be necessary at all time. The setting allows the communal zones to be combined into one continuous area, at the same time, fostering communication between the owner and his guests. On the other hand, TV panel is an interesting room divider which positioned between guest room and the living. It serves the function of a movable partition in order to optimize space efficiency – when guest room is not needed, the living area could be maximized simply by moving the TV panel ‘backward’. In the meantime, the guest room could also be ‘created’ by moving