Kinection Modular Table

DesignerJason Gilbreath, Founder Reclaimed Enterprises
Prize2nd Place in Office Equipment / Furnishings/Modules
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Entry Description

A modular table designed for the board room of the KANEKO Open Space in downtown Omaha, NE, USA. The table consists of 4 smaller tables, each with two legs. The tops are made from salvaged tree slabs. Simple table yolks connect the tables in various configurations. In its primary configuration, the table is a parallelogram with a live edge center void. In its secondary configuration, the ends are square and the live edge void moves to the outside edge of the table. Some of the additional arrangements include one long table with alternating live edge sides, two long tables, and four separate tables. The design combines movement and flexibility to promote interaction and connection, hence its name – KINECTION.

About Designer

Reclaimed Enterprises seeks to unlock the potential in buildings and materials that have been deemed obsolete. They leverage the innate beauty of reclaimed materials and the power of design to create striking reclaimed materials and products. Reclaimed Enterprises shares the past so their clients can build a sustainable, beautiful future.