Designerkris lin
Prize1st Place in Interior Design / Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
Entry Description

Design ideation History: Initially a fishing village, Shanghai was established as a commercial port in the Qing Dynasty and became a major trade port afterwards.After the Shanghai port was forced to open, the imperialists invaded Shanghai and set concessions here, building a large number of buildings and facilities. For more than a century, Shanghai was the paradise of foreign adventurers and invaders. After hundreds of years of development, it has now become a world famous metropolitan city. Design techniques Joggling technique: Joggling is a technique frequently used in traditional buildings of China. It is the gem human wisdom. Joggling is a joint method that inserts tenon into mortice hole or mortice groove. It is a fundamental jointing method for classical Chinese furniture and modern furniture, as well as a main jointing method for modern framework furniture.

About Designer

Designing Tenet of KLID:Look at the world with open and generous eyes to bring new and creative designing ideas. KLID Design Office was come from Taiwan, and working in Shanghai for ten years, mainly engaged in Architecture Design, Interior Design, Decoration , and Landscape Design. During this period, KLID has finished a lot projects for villas, apartments ,restaurants, and realestate sales centre, and has cooperated with several realestate developer to finish the designs for model house ,club house and selling section. It has also been in for some designs of business space and office space. Their words have published in several specialized decorating magazines. KLID’S projects have win many international design awards, such as The Andrew Martin Interior Design Award (London) ,Contract-Annual Interior Awards (New York), APIDA (Hong Kong), PERSPECTIVE AWARDS (Hong Kong), TID Award (Taiwan), and so on.