I-MESH Lightweight Diffuser Ceilings

Company and I-MESH
ClientIco Migliore and Mara Servetto
Prize2nd Place in Material Design / Manufacturing
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Entry Description

MONDADORI MEGASTORE in Milan has been conceived by architects MIGLIORE+SERVETTO as a place with strong identity roots given by a specific combination study of different materials and colors where I-MESH has been purposely designed to be a lightweight diffuser ceiling thanks to the technical features of the metric construction of the texture where it has been weaved the Brand “Arnoldo Mondadori”. The lightweight transparency of I-MESH helps the visitors to travel through the different thematic areas where the light runs across the technical yarns of I-MESH separating yet creating continuity on a total surface of 750 sqm. I-MESH is very light, flexible and easily packed. Large areas of material are installed without the need of any special mechanical equipment. The components that make up for I-MESH are two: resin and yarn (Carbon, Basalt, Fiberglass, Technora and Zylon). Its recyclability is obtained through the re-melting of the matter.

About Designer

I-MESH is a special composite fabric both for indoor and outdoor applications. Indoors for internal partitions, ceilings, artificial light screening and diffusion, projection screens, furniture, scenography, fashion and design accessories, events. Outdoors it is mainly conceived as cladding material for ventilated architectural façades, which represents an innovation for its value in terms of solar protection, environmental sustainability, well-being and energy saving through the reduction of the costs in cooling the buildings interiors.I-MESH is Technology and Art, paradigm of Sustainability.